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Particle Sizers



FaBL’s Vibro-sifter is a compact, portable design based on the ‘gyro’ principle. The gyratory motion comes from a specially designed gyro motor fitted underneath the vibrating assembly isolated from the base by specially designed springs. The adjustable vibratory motion efficiently sifts extraneous or oversized particles, agglomerates or fines generated during processing to produce precise particles in the desired size ranges and also allows for dust-free sifting. The IPC bin and hopper are designed to connect, preventing dust generation during the transfer and sifting process.

This system is GMP compliant, easy to handle and clean, with easy access to all exposed areas and corners, minimising the risk of cross-contamination. Available in multiple mesh sizes to suit individual processing needs. 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.



Fabtech’s Multi-mill is ideal for high-speed granulating, mixing, shredding, chopping and pulverising of a wide range of wet and dry materials. It utilises variable force with hammer blades that have both knife and impact edges rotating with the screen to control size reduction. The direction of the blade can be changed using a reverse switch for the hammer or knife operation. It features multiple combinations of screens and speeds. It has a higher screen opening area for greater throughput and a perforated screen at the bottom of the pulverising chamber for granule size control and fineness.

Dry Co-mill


FaBL’s dry co-mill is used for milling and sizing operations. Particle size distribution (PSD) is tightly contained with a sieve, depending on the screen and impeller choices. The milling is efficient, with higher output, fewer fines, and no dusting of material. Dried granules are transferred to the dry co-mill through a vacuum transfer system and, after milling, to the bin blender by gravity. The compact design is easy to clean and operate. The mill works on forced pressure and generates very little heat.