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Auto Coaters


Fabtech’s Autocoater is a wet or organic coating machine for production processes that allows precise control of the critical variables of coating and ensures product quality and repetitiveness. It features a perforated coating solution container and a peristaltic pump with pressure controls for differential pressure filter control.

The unique design offers an effective cascading flow of tablets and ensures coating uniformity. The GMP design is an in-wall concept with four user levels, JOG function for heating and cooling cores and an automatic washing system.

Our Auto coaters are cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and available in lab, pilot and commercial production models constructed with SS 316/SS316L. The product contact parts are mirror-finished, and the non-contact parts are matt-finished.

Roto Granulator


FaBL’s Roto Granulator is one of our latest innovations in process technology equipment. It can be safely called the 3G version of the Fluid Bed Processor for its ability to convert a skill-based pan-coating art into a programmable technology. The high and denser yielding of granules and drug loading it a superior, fast-paced and highly reproducible technology.