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Fluid Bed Suite

Fluid Bed Processor & Coater

Fluid Bed Processor 1
Fluid Bed Processor 2

FaBL’s Fluid Bed Processors are designed to carry out multiple processes like granulation/agglomeration and coating. This efficient combination model of the processor and coater in a single machine offers the flexibility of choice while executing each function powerfully. As several ingredients can be mixed, granulated, and dried in the same vessel, the material handling and process times are shorter than other wet granulation processes.

In addition to granulation for tabletting, the fluid-bed top spray method produces highly dispersible granules with a characteristic porous structure that enhances wettability. The system allows for easy validation and cleaning and can be integrated with high containment isolation systems while maintaining the operator's safety at all times.

Our Fluid bed systems are in line with cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. It is available in lab, pilot and commercial production models constructed with SS 316/SS316L. The product contact parts are mirror-finished and the non-contact parts are matt-finished.

Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid-Bed-Drier- 01
Fluid-Bed-Drier- 02
FaBL’s Fluid Bed Dryers are fast-paced heat exchanger mechanisms that effectively reduce the moisture/ organic solvent content from particulate materials. It involves a fluidization process encompassing drying ingredients to low moisture content under relatively low temperatures. The equipment promises a high drying rate at a reduced drying time, thereby offering the desired uniform.
The high output of FBD makes it an ideal choice for granulation areas in broad applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and allied industries.